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Understanding Muk3D diagnostic files

If you’re having trouble with Muk3D you’ll often be asked to generate diagnostic data to send through to technical support.  This is created using Tools/Generate diagnostic data.  This creates a zip file with diagnostic data that is saved in your User directory (c:/users/<you>) and called Muk3D_diagnostic_YYYYMMDD.zip

Optionally, the Muk3D installation files can be listed and additional CodeMeter logs on your PC can be bundled.  Generally these are not required unless specifically requested by Muk3D support.

Data that is shared


This is the log file that CodeMeter’s CmDust utility generates.  It collects data about the CodeMeter licensing system that is useful for Muk3D support to understand any issues, or to pass along to CodeMeter support for further diagnostics.

See the section on Reading CodeMeter diagnostic tools for information on what to look for in here.


CmDust doesn’t gather information about the CodeMeter license server.  This file contains basic details of all CodeMeter licenses, either connected locally, or connected via a network server.  If this file does not detail the licenses it means that there are either no licenses connected, or that the local or network licenses are faulty in some way.

For network licenses, it will also display any connected users.


This will only be present in the diagnostic data if the option to Include installation directory list was checked when generating diagnostic data. This is simply a listing of all files in the c:/Program Files/MineBridge Software folder.


The date and time of diagnostic generation and the version of Catapult used.


Lists the versions of Muk3D installed on this computer.  If Muk3D is not installed, this file will be empty.

ProgramData\MineBridge Software Inc\Catapult\catapult-username.log

This is the Catapult log file that can provide clues in the event the Muk3D is not launching correctly.  This file can be used to determine if the correct license is found before launch.


If the option to include CodeMeter logs was selected when generating diagnostics, they will be in this folder.


Error logs and command usage from Muk3D projects are collected and stored in numbered directories.  These can be useful in the event that Muk3D is crashing .  Command usage can be parsed to work out which commands are causing a crash, if errors are not written to the error log.  No other project information is collected.


This is the Catapult settings file.  It’s useful because it shows the Catapult license file that is installed.


This is the Muk3D settings file.  It can be used to check for any erroneous configuration settings that could cause Muk3D to behave badly.

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