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Drawing a dam

This video shows how to create a dam by interactive drawing.  Some important things:

  • Left and right slopes: If you stood at the first point and looked towards the second point, the Left and Right sides of the line are what is being referred to.
  • Shell height:  This isn’t the height of the dam, but rather its the height of the 3D shell that is created by the command.  This height should be greater than the maximum height of the dam (above the ground) so that the 3D dam shell fully intersects the underlying topography.  If you make the shell height too large (e.g. 1000m) then its possible that the 3D shell will self intersect and cause geometric issues.
  • If you’re drawing a ring dyke that is fully closed you need to explicitly close it using the shortcut key ‘c‘.

Shortcut keys:

  • del: delete the last point.
  • space: finish drawing.
  • c: close the line.
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