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Creating a pond at a target elevation

This video shows how to create a pond at a target elevation.  To do this, you will first need a grid with some containment (a dam) merged into it.  


If you get any error message, the first thing to do is make sure that the selected grid has containment merged into it.  If you have several grids loaded then it may be that the wrong grid is being selected. In this case, hide, lock, or unload any grids that aren’t relevant.

“The point selected had an elevation higher than the target pond elevation. Please select a new pond point”

Make sure that the elevation of the point selected is below the pond elevation.  If the ground is tinted blue then the pond is higher than the ground, otherwise if its white (or the original grid colour) then the ground is higher than the pond.

“Pond elevation 150.000 was outside the bounds of the surface (78.306, 125.710)”

If the pond elevation is higher than any point on the surface then this error message will occur.  Make sure that the pond elevation was entered correctly and that the right base grid was selected.

“Unable to create a pond at the target elevation, as the point selected was not in an enclosed basin (at the target pond elevation).”

If there is not closure at the pond elevation or the point selected was outside the basin, then this message will appear.  If the point was in the pond and this message came up, it may be that the dam crest width and grid spacing are not compatible.  If the dam crest is too narrow compared to the grid spacing it there may not be closure at the target elevation.  You can run Surface water/Info/Get maximum containment elevation to check what the maximum pond elevation can  be.

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