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Generating a CodeMeter license request

Sometimes its necessary to update the available licenses on a CodeMeter network license server.  To do this, the steps are for the Sysadmin of the server to generate a license request.  MineBridge update the license as needed and the Sysadmin then updates the license server.  

This exercise can be done without interruption to any of the users on the license server.

Log onto the CodeMeter license server and open CodeMeter Control Center.  This can be found either in the Start Menu/CodeMeter/CodeMeter Control Center, or can be found in the Windows Taskbar

Select the Muk3D network license on the left hand side.

Click the License update button. 

Create a license request

Email the file that is generated and we’ll send an update.  Note the location that the file is saved to as you’ll need to find this in Windows Explorer.  The location is generally c:\Users\<username>\xxx-xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaC

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