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Setting up end user to access network license

you’re using Muk3D with a network license, Catapult only needs to be installed on end user computers. The Catapult licensing file is also only needed for end users.

For new user installations that use a network license, the following needs to be done on the end user computer:

  1. Open CodeMeter WebAdmin.  It can be found by going to http://localhost:22350 in a web browser (or click on the link).
  2. In CodeMeter WebAdmin, the address of the license server needs to be entered in the Server Search List in the Configuration/Basic/Server search menu.  The server address should just be the name or IP address (e.g. or myhost.org).  The port (:22350) must not be specified in this field.
  1. Verify connectivity to the license server from the end user computer by launching a web browser and entering the server address followed by :22350.
    e.g. http://mycodemeterserver.com:22350 where mycodemeterserver.com should be your CodeMeter server name or IP address.
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