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No valid licenses found

If you’re trying to launch Muk3D and get an error message that there are no available licenses, this could be due to several reasons.  The message you’ll see is shown below.

You may also see a license selector, but all licenses are dark red.  (If you only have a single configuration type, you may not see this window).

Muk3D licensing

To run Muk3D, you will need to install a Catapult license file, and have access to a CodeMeter license either via a software based license (e.g. for Formation), a USB license key, or be connected to a network license.  If either the Catapult license or the CodeMeter license is not installed/available then Muk3D will not launch.


Check that a CodeMeter license is available

Run Licensing/Show CodeMeter licenses.  This will list locally installed licenses (either software licenses as used for Formation or evaluation licenses, or USB licenses).

If you’re connected to a network license, you’ll be able to see the number of used/free licenses, and the usernames of anyone connected to it.

If there are no free licenses, then the only remedy is to wait until one becomes available. 

If you don’t see a network license server, but you are supposed to it could be for several reasons:

  • The license server has crashed.
  • The license server address is entered incorrectly in your CodeMeter setup.
  • The network connection to the server has been interrupted.

To check the license server IP address/name, open your web browser and navigate to the address http://localhost:22352 and navigate to Configuration/Basic/Server search list.

The list of CodeMeter servers are shown.

If there are no servers in this list, add a new server (either name or IP address) and press Apply.  The server name or IP does not need to be prefaced by http://.  Once the change has been applied, go back to Catapult and run Licensing/Show CodeMeter licenses and the CodeMeter server should be visible. It may take a minute or two for the change to be shown.

Checking CodeMeter server health

You can connect to CodeMeter WebAdmin on the server by opening a browser and navigating to http://your-server-address:22352.

Navigate to Container/All licenses and view the CmContainer Info details.  If the Status is not Enabled, its likely that the server license has been corrupted in some way and this will need IT intervention to resolve.

Check that a Catapult license is installed

Run Licensing/Show Catapult licenses to display the installed Catapult licenses. 

If there are no licenses shown, you’ll need to install your personal or corporate Catapult license file or contact Muk3D support to regenerate a license.

Check that serial numbers for the CodeMeter and Catapult license are the same

If the CodeMeter Serial Number is different on the CodeMeter license and the Catapult license, then you may receive either a message that no valid licenses can be found, or that the serial numbers don’t match.  In this case, check the CodeMeter Serial numbers if the Catapult and CodeMeter license.  If they don’t match, check that you have the correct Catapult license installed, or contact Muk3D support to get assistance.

The Catapult serial number can be found in the location shown below after running Licensing/Show Catapult licenses.  The serial for the software license in this case is 27738911.

To check with Catapult licenses files are installed, run Licensing/Show Catapult licenses.

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