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Reading a CmDust log file

A CmDust log file contains details about the CodeMeter settings and configuration and may be generated either on an end user computer (usually generated when create Catapult diagnostics) or on a license server by running Start/CodeMeter/CmDust.

A sample CmDust file is attached to this article and the line numbers referenced in this document refer to lines in that file.

Line numberDescription
15Computer name.  If the log is from a server, the computer name must correspond to the value entered in end user PCs as the server, unless an IP address is used by the end user instead.
47CodeMeter version.  This file was generated using CodeMeter v7.51.  This can be helpful to know if a user is running Windows 11.  Versions of CodeMeter earlier than v7.50 can have issues on Windows 11 and lead to license corruption.
64CleanUpTimeOut.  If a license is orphaned (for example end user computer crashes), it will stay current for the number of minutes entered in this field.  If the number is, say, 100, it means that the license will stay valid on the server for 1 hr and 40 minutes.  Setting this to a small value (1 or 2 minutes is fine) means that if a license does not sense the end user computer for this time, the license will be freed and added back to the license pool.  This must not be less than 1.  This can be modified in the Registry by going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\CurrentVersion.  The CodeMeter process needs to be restarted if this change is made.
76IsNetworkServer.  This must be 1 if the computer is acting as a network server or 0 on an end user PC where a license is not being shared.  This is modified in the CodeMeter WebAdmin interface.
82LogCmActDiag.  If this is 1, CodeMeter logs will be stored on the server/end user computer. This can be set via a registry entry located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\CurrentVersion
85LogLicenseTracking.  If this is 1, license usage is tracked.  License usage can then be accessed via the CodeMeter WebAdmin interface on the machine.  This is set via a registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\CurrentVersion.  The CodeMeter service must be restarted after this change is made.
302Network license server name or IP.  If this is an end user computer trying to connect to a network license server, there should be the server name or IP address entered here.  There may be a number of entries in the lines above or below depending on the number of servers entered.  These values are changed in CodeMeter WebAdmin.
922List of CodeMeter containers stored on the computer.  Network licenses are not shown in this section.  If there are more than 1 CodeMeter container for Muk3D, this can cause license issues and older versions of the license, or any empty license containers would need to be removed.  It’s recommended to contact Muk3D support to help resolve this issue.
1003Dump of CmContainers.  This is  detailed information about the CodeMeter licenses.  If a license is not working, you may see an error message about FAC locked.  This means that the license has been disabled by CodeMeter and needs to be reset via a license update.  
1140Event log.  If a license isn’t working, there can be some messages in here detailing attempts to connect to a license and the resulting license messages.
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