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Tailings capacity for a simple basin

his example shows how to calculate the tailings storage capacity for a tailings dam, using a fixed pond elevation.

Pre-requisites for modelling:

  • Grid with a dam merged in.
  • Tailings properties defined.

Discharge points are just a line.  They do not represent the actual discharge points but are representative of the high point on the tailings beach.  Using the tailings beach slopes, the new tailings beach will radiate out from these points.  They must be drawn so that they are above ground – any point that is below ground will not be used to form a tailings surface.

When running the deposition, the Pond dialog tab will ask for the maximum pond elevation.  This number needs to be above the pond elevation but below the dam crest.  There needs to be closure at this elevation.  The value entered is used as the maximum elevation for the storage-elevation curve that is created at the end of the deposition run.


Tailings is not deposited from the discharge line or from some points on the line

Make sure that the discharge points are above the ground surface. Any points below the ground will not be used to form a tailings beach.

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