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Muk3D|Formation for Civil Earthworks planning

These are the accompanying tutorials and project data for the presentation below.

These tutorials were created using v2024 of Muk3D. Some commands may be slightly different in the newer version, but the tutorials can be completed using v2023 or earlier.

Data for the tutorial can be found at the links below.

v2024 or later

v2023 or earlier

Importing publicly available survey and satellite data

This tutorial runs through the import of airphotos from Google Earth and a quick way to georeference the image. Survey data from the SRTM dataset is downloaded from the USGS Earth Explorer portal, and imported into Muk3D. High resolution Lidar data is acquired from the USGS TNM Download portal and imported into Muk3D.

Road design with Muk3D

This tutorial goes the process of creating and evaluation several proposed road alignments. Stripping volumes are estimated, cut/fill volumes are balanced, and restrictions on maximum grade are respected.

Areas where surface water need to be managed are identified using Muk3D’s watershed tools, an interception ditch and retention pond are built.

Temporary stockpiles for the stripped material are sized and located appropriately.

Finally, the airphoto for the site is modified using cut/fill lines, stockpile boundaries, and interception ditch outline to provide a thematic airphoto that can be draped over the topographic surface.

Creating more detailed road models using zonation models

This tutorial shows how the zonation tools in Muk3D can be used to create a more complex road profile than in the earlier examples. Different layers within the road can be created and their volumes calculated.

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